Lifelong Families Foundation

Enhancing Lives for Lifelong Prosperity

Who We Are

Lifelong Families Foundation is a Kenyan-based multifaceted Foundation with an aim of improving livelihoods in Kenya and beyond. We work to enhance the status of communities by improving the quality of the life they experience. Together with like-minded stakeholders, Lifelong Foundation mobilizes resources to champion quality education, healthcare, food, and hygiene.

A Channel to Opportunity

Lifelong Families Foundation remains steadfast in its mission to elevate lives, a revolutionary spirit well demonstrated in the number of families, students, and communities impacted by the foundation’s courses of action.

Through our empowerment programs, Lifelong Foundation has become a channel to wideranging opportunities, including social and economic opportunities. Years of philanthropy have

brought us to a realization that enriching lives is better done by channeling people to the right opportunities. As a result, Lifelong Foundation labors in providing opportunities across multiple sectors, including Health, Food, Education, Economic Empowerment, and overall Wellbeing of the people.

Lifelong Foundation acts as a helping hand to those in need and the deserving many through support initiatives that promote lifelong sustainability.

What We Do

When Lifelong Families Foundation started in 2017, the agenda was simple: to enhance lives and promote the overall wellbeing of humanity within and beyond the Kenyan borders. Ever since, we remain committed to that purpose. We envision ourselves becoming a pillar on which lives will attain value and equality, both economically and socially.

Years later, Lifelong Foundation is established on 6 critical focus areas; Feeding Program, Education, Health, Economic Empowerment, Shelter Provision, and Child Abuse Alienation.

In our Feeding Program, we take a collaborative approach to ensure the Hungry, less privileged, and Children Homes struggling with food shortages are well fed.

In our Education Program, Lifelong Foundation identifies the vulnerable in areas with lower penetration of government services, pitch them to ideal schooling opportunities, and finance their education. This way, not only is accessibility of quality education made possible, literacy rates in the country are improved.

Lifelong Foundation is also at the forefront of eradicating malnutrition among vulnerable children through its Healthcare Pillar.

We are also committed to providing homeless families and communities with shelters. The Foundation partners with Government agencies, churches, and other stakeholders to show care to families with extremely poor housing conditions and those with no homes at all.

In Economic Empowerment, Lifelong Foundation identifies and funds initiatives we believe have potential to impact Kenya and Kenyans economically.

We also invest and innovate solutions that aid in reducing the rate of child abuse and harassment in the country through our Child Abuse Alienation programs.

Why We Do It

Our long-term goal is to reach out, empower, and promote as many lives as we can around the country and beyond. We envision a planet where everyone can access resources, skills, and education without subjection to extremely harsh economic conditions and social turmoil. The foundation is driven by a love for the people as a motivation and an understanding that access to resources and basic needs can help improve life.

How we do it

Lifelong Families Foundation acknowledges that the diversity of issues affecting the society today is the very driving force behind the foundation’s creativity and innovativeness in creating solutions that communities relate with.

Whether it is inaccessibility to education, lack of fees, lack of food and absence of nutritious diets, frightful housing, or generally low-quality life, our team is able to curate solutions to problems that are seldomly addressed. That way, we can allocate resources, funds, and influence to charity causes that make a difference to the society.

Our philanthropic strategies are founded on the principle that channeling resources to places that are deservedly needed stirs the greatest socio-economic impact. Upon identifying a need and areas that require attention, Lifelong Foundation establishes both long-term and short-term objectives and methodologies of achieving them. These methodologies define the Foundation’s Philanthropic Path.

Our Philanthropic Path

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Strategy Development & Planning

Strategy Development & Planning

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